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54 sqm
#GradarakDrakhtik is our third library opened on April 13, 2019 in Gegharkunik region. One of the rooms in the community school of 175 students had been transformed into a multifunctional educational and cultural center where children spend their free time reading, playing, communicating, learning and holding various interesting discussions and cultural activities. Adults, especially teachers and parents, are aslo actively involved in the life of Gradarak checking out books and participating in different workshops. Neighbouring communities of Shorzha, Chambarak and Artanish also use and benefit from the library.
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«Իդրամ» վճարային համակարգը
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Armen Arustamov
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Armenian Charity Runners Team
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Qristina Kazaryan
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About us

“Gradarak” educational and cultural NGO was established in July 2018 as a result of the success of the library in Amrakits village and our determination to spread it throughout Armenia and Artsakh. Gradarak’s mission is to empower children and youth through reading, active learning and community projects. With that in mind, our objective is renovation and creation of such modern and child friendly libraries that inspire to read, learn, discover and dream. “Gradarak” is a multi-functioning room that transforms in response to the needs of its users: being a library, it is also a reading room, a study room, a learning center, a cinema, a school hall, a youth and a community center, an innovation hub. We believe that “Gradarak’ will foster happy courageous daring and socially active children and youth who believe in themselves and know their worth. In our 17 months of experience of managing “Gradarak” libraries, we can clearly see the difference that it makes in the live of communities: they have become the gathering point for everyone with no regard to age, gender, socio-economic background and ethnicity, a place where everyone can read, play, communicate, learn and grow and be a part of the community.