2000 people
47 sqm
Our second library was established in the border village Movses in Tavush region. Opened in the community school on March 27, 2019, #GradarakMovses now has more than 130 readers and often hosts various lessons, screenings, events and important village discussions. It is also open to the neighbouring communities of Norashen, Aygepar, Chinari and Berd.
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101 %

18000 $


17750 $

Donor's name
Donation type
Donation amount
+$ 17000
Narine Abgaryan
+$ 1000
December 10, 2018
December 30, 2018
January 20, 2019
February 01, 2019
February 20, 2019
February 25, 2019
March 15, 2019
March 19, 2019
Donation amount
NGO's operations
500000 դր.
books, board games and other materials
1000000 դր.
stage curtain (including sewing)
153000 դր.
blackout curtains for the windows
70500 դր.
wooden wall trims for hanging posters and pictures
20000 դր.
convenience outlets
33000 դր.
10500 դր.
hanging lamps
40000 դր.
led tubes
97200 դր.
wall chalk holder
10000 դր.
teen bean bag chairs
100000 դր.
teardrop bean bag chair
100000 դր.
plastic chairs
900000 դր.
216000 դր.
cube chairs
102000 դր.
cube table
20000 դր.
windowsill pillows for reading area
150000 դր.
working table 3000-1100-740
240000 դր.
wall furniture: shelves on two walls
2250000 դր.
HDMI cabel
12500 դր.
14000 դր.
sound system
250000 դր.
350000 դր.
WI-FI box
20000 դր.
250000 դր.
old door removal
8000 դր.
projector and screen installation
10000 դր.
new windows installation
250200 դր.
installation of electrical points and switches
58000 դր.
electrical wiring
58000 դր.
renovation of the floor
126900 դր.
painting of the ceiling
56400 դր.
plastering of the ceiling
70500 դր.
painting of 3 walls
68400 դր.
plastering of the walls
27300 դր.
plastering of the walls
90000 դր.
floor molding installation
9100 դր.
new door installation (includng the door cost with locks)
200000 դր.
floor varnish (cost per can)
41000 դր.
semi-flat paint for walls and ceiling
104000 դր.
blackboard paint for one wall (cost per can)
26000 դր.
electricla wires and cables
20000 դր.
plaster for walls and ceiling
36600 դր.
items and furniture transportation from Yerevan to Movses village
150000 դր.
consumable materials such as brushes, paint rollers, scotch tape, cellulosic material, paint cuvettes, etc.
70000 դր.
floor molding
27300 դր.
Հերթագրումը ավարտված է
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About us

“Gradarak” educational and cultural NGO was established in July 2018 as a result of the success of the library in Amrakits village and our determination to spread it throughout Armenia and Artsakh. Gradarak’s mission is to empower children and youth through reading, active learning and community projects. With that in mind, our objective is renovation and creation of such modern and child friendly libraries that inspire to read, learn, discover and dream. “Gradarak” is a multi-functioning room that transforms in response to the needs of its users: being a library, it is also a reading room, a study room, a learning center, a cinema, a school hall, a youth and a community center, an innovation hub. We believe that “Gradarak’ will foster happy courageous daring and socially active children and youth who believe in themselves and know their worth. In our 17 months of experience of managing “Gradarak” libraries, we can clearly see the difference that it makes in the live of communities: they have become the gathering point for everyone with no regard to age, gender, socio-economic background and ethnicity, a place where everyone can read, play, communicate, learn and grow and be a part of the community.